In Vismayas Max I am supposed to be “The Director”. The jobs I full filled throughout my age, started at 11 as a photo graphic studio boy, a local library-librarian, a light & sound worker, Drama Light Operator, freelance photographer, a painter at a wall painting company, a painting school Instructor, a tuition teacher a designer in an advertisement agency, a short story writer, a theatre technician, theatre art director (P. Balachandran’s ‘Maramarayattam’, ‘Iago’ and ‘NSD’s ‘Thottiyude Makan’) a theatre director, TV show director (Vivekom – Kairali Channel), MNC employee, Visual Effects Director for Hollywood films ( Chris Evans – Playing it Cool), VFX Director of National Games Opening Show ‘ Kunjali Marakkar’Animator for walt Disney studios and so many others gives me the power of confidence to lead my team in Vismayasmax to even higher levels...


Currently working in the pre-production part,

as the Writter / Director of an upcomming south Indian multi lingual live action movie...




Translation of the poem of the Famous Caribbean Poets


Collection of around 51 poems written by myself.





Flowers of Western Ghats






VFX Director of kunjalimarakar- National Games opening show





Wrote Songs along with legendary late Kavalam Narayana Panikar for the movie “Akananooru”.




Wrote orginal script for the upcoming movie “AKANANOORU” -THE EPIC.




Tagor's Geetanjali malayalam translation (going on project)

Chief Architect of  living valley consist of six beautiful contemporary villas named as historical rivers around the world, VOLGA, THAMES, SEINE, GANGES, YANGTZE AND MISSOURI.

Chempazhanthi, Trivandrum.

Chief Architect of REINDEER EDGE contemporary villa project Eranakullam

Other Works



Hilltop Manor, Diamond Hill

Vellayambalam, Sasthamangalam

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

India - 695010


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